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Mastering Compression for Your Audience | Podcasting Sucks - Issue #13

Tanner Campbell
Tanner Campbell
It’s time to master the art of compression!
Okay, not master it, but it’s at least time to grasp it so you can use it to create better audio for your podcast.
When you record your audio, there are two problems with the recording.
The first is that it’s not loud enough. Podcast audio has a loudness standard, the same as broadcast television has one, and if you’re not meeting that standard then you sound less professional than every other podcast which is.
The second is that it has a lot of dynamic range. Dynamic range is the difference in loudness between the most quiet parts and the loudest. Too much dynamic range forces your listeners to adjust the volume as they’re listening because there are parts which are too quiet and then, when more exciting parts come along, now that they’ve cranked the volume to hear you, some parts are way too loud.
Compression is the process by which you solve both of these problems, and you’re going to learn how to use compression today.
Below is a link to my most recent blog post. It features a run down of the basics as well as a video tutorial that shows you how-to use a compressor in whatever audio editing software you use (because all compressors function the same).
I know it will be helpful, and please feel free to leave a comment if it helped you. Take care.

Using Compression To Create Better Sounding Podcast Audio (Video)
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Tanner Campbell
Tanner Campbell @tannerhelps

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