Podcasting Sucks

By Tanner Campbell

I've created a list of Podcast mentors you can trust





Tanner Campbell
Tanner Campbell
Ever come across a “podcast guru” and think, “is this person legit, or full of shit?”

When I joined Clubhouse in January of this year, I started doing the thing I usually do on social: thought leadership. But with Clubhouse I could field questions and actually help people. I liked it. But as the platform aged and I spent more time in more rooms with more “experts”, I noticed a problem. It was a problem I knew existed, but I had never been able to experience it at the scale Clubhouse manifested it:
There were people giving advice who were straight-up fucking wrong.
There were so many “the best advice is to just start” kind of “coaches” on these stages that I spent a lot of time sitting in the audience wondering whether or not I should even join the stage because:
A. What if people thought me taking the stage was an endorsement of those nonsense-peddlers? Or
B. I felt like maybe it wasn’t my place to call them out on the carpet like “you’re flat-out wrong and here’s why.”
Sometimes I caused a scene, but most times I just moved on or started my own room.
The good news is that I met a lot of real actual experts on Clubhouse. People who weren’t great at self-promotion but knew podcasting inside and out.
And today I started compiling a list of these individuals on Twitter. So, if you’re looking for a podcast guru, a real one, I’d like to invite you to subscribe to this list. It’s free, you don’t have to share any personal information to join it, and no one can buy their way onto it. If they’re on it, I’ve vetted them personally.
The list is linked below. Have a great night!
@tannerhelps' Podcast Mentors List on Twitter
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Tanner Campbell
Tanner Campbell @tannerhelps

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