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Drinking suds and found a new thing

Tanner Campbell
Tanner Campbell
This isn’t podcast-related, but it may be useful

So it’s just afternoon where I am, and I’m enjoying a Horse & Dragon IPA
Doing my usual quick check of Twitter and other social profiles before I jump in the booth to record an episode for my mythology podcast, and as I’m checking my notification a new one comes in from someone I don’t follow and who doesn’t follow me. His wife and he run “Logology.”
I’m a language guy so I thought maybe it was some cool literature related site and I clicked on it. It wasn’t, instead it was an AI-powered logo-creating website, which I thought was kind of cool.
It doesn’t cost anything (not even an email address) to muck around with the tool, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. I’ve been trying, like mad, to come up with a logo I like for Guthtaigh (one of my businesses) and I’ve not had much luck - figured this might yield something interesting.
So, I took a little quiz, rolled my eyes, and clicked “Show me my logos”
What I got back I thought was kind of interesting; about 30 primary variants with five variants under each of those. Here’s one set:
Now those are, of course, stock vectors and icons and such and I could easily go and build these myself probably, but I thought there was a lot of value in having it done for me. And I actually liked some of the options that came back to me.
For $49 they package the variation you choose with like a whole brand identity kit and I think it’s a pretty cheaply priced and interesting service and I thought you might want to know about it.
No, I’ve not been paid to write this, no there aren’t any affiliate links in this email, I legit just saw it, fucked about with it, thought it was neat, and though I’d share.
Here’s the link:
Check it out if it sounds intriguing. No need to buy anything unless you want to… I just thought the whole process was neat and maybe you’ll find it helpful.
Have a good rest of your Saturday!
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Tanner Campbell
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