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30-Days of Podcast Marketing Data is In! | Podcasting Sucks - Issue #18

Tanner Campbell
Tanner Campbell
Remember that time Evo Terra challenged my Facebook Ads strategy?
The one I’ve taught to nearly a thousand podcasters over the course of nearly six years and which has never failed to perform as described? Yeah, that Facebook Ads strategy.
Well, I’ve been doing my best to rise to Evo’s challenge, and the first 30-days of data is in, and it’s looking like, so far, I’m not, as my father would have said, “as full of shit as a Christmas turkey.”
Results are linked at the bottom of this email! Please give it a read, and leave few claps or a comment. I’d love to know you’re out there.
Have a great evening!

I’ve been Evo Terra-forming. Here is a very limited preview of my progress
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Tanner Campbell
Tanner Campbell @tannerhelps

A semi-regular newsletter about everything that sucks in podcasting, and what you can do to make it suck less for yourself. I've got 10,000+ hours at the mixing console, I've helped to launch over 900 podcasts and have edited thousands of individual episodes, I've had multiple podcasts in the Apple Podcasts U.S. Top 100, and I'm an expert in audience growth and monetization strategies. I'm someone you can trust.

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