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Yeah... but why?

Tanner Campbell
Tanner Campbell
It occurred to me right after hitting send yesterday, that I might have explained WHY I would want you to follow me on Goodpods instead of the 600 other places you’re probably already following podcasters and other people you like.

Here’s why:
Since January of this year I’ve been going at the advice-giving business pretty hard. Within a month or two I amassed thousands of followers on Clubhouse and I felt truly useful to those people… but then Clubhouse kind of started to suck butts. I couldn’t find the people who needed help any more and instead of I was rooms like this:
I don’t know what any of that shit is but it’s not for me and it’s now why I show up every day. So Clubhouse got weird and I started looking for other places where I could connect with people like you so I could be helpful.
My plan is to double down on Goodpods
It’s an app that only people who are showing up to listen to podcasts live, and only those who are podcasters themselves can create. That sounds like my cup of tea, and hopefully yours as well.
I’ll be starting a group on there in the coming days, and that group will act as a home-base for anyone looking for free help and advice from me.
I hope you’ll follow me there, because pretty soon, aside from Twitter and the podcast itself, it will be the only place you’ll be able to find me.
There’s the link again, and I hope to see you there:
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Tanner Campbell
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